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Our kittens can be adopted ONLY AFTER they turn 16 WEEKS!


Step-by-step Kitten Adoption Process:

  1. Contact us! Our contacts can be found at the bottom of each page on our website. You also can find links to our social media resources at the top of each page

  2. Reserve a kitten. Firstly, communicate with the breeder and make your choice, after that put in a $ 500 deposit to reserve a kitten or be included on the Waiting list. The deposit is not refundable (ask the breeder about exceptions). This holding fee is applied toward the total purchase price. Deposits can be made via wire transfer, Zelle, PayPal, Western Union, or our website.

  3. Choose a delivery option for your kitten. We will provide you with contacts of the reliable company which we trust to deliver our cats. The agent will agree with you on the point of destination (an airport), the date and time of delivery, and transportation costs. The agent will also send you the list of customs brokers who have proven to provide affordable and professional services on customs clearance for our cats.
    Of course,
     you are always welcome to come to Europe and pick up the kitten yourself or use the services of a
     courier you trust.

  4. Sign the Contract. You will receive a Contract from the breeder not later than 20 days before the delivery. You can sign the Contract electronically via DocuSign or print it, sign it, and return its scan/photocopy by email. 

  5. Pay the balance. After signing the contract, pay the balance for your kitten (not later than 14 days before the delivery!) Payments can be made via wire transfer, PayPal, or Western Union.

  6. Prepare to meet your kitten. You have to get everything ready before your kitten arrives. We will provide you with an "A Must" list of supplies, food, and supplements for your kitten. If there are any questions about necessities for your kitten please do not hesitate to ask!

Waiting List

We offer the opportunity to reserve a kitten from upcoming/planned litters. To do this, we periodically open waiting lists.


To get on the Waiting List you have to:
- contact the breeder or cattery representative
- fill out the Application Form
- make a non-refundable deposit of $500, wh
ich will be counted towards the cost of the kitten


We notify everyone on the Waiting List about new litters born by mail or message.

The order of choosing a kitten for the List members is "first come, first served".

We post announcements about the opening and closing of Waiting Lists on the main page.


Each kitten is priced individually!

The total cost of a kitten depends on:

- the purpose of purchase (pet, breed/show),

- individual features of a kitten (sex, size, color, etc.),
- delivery costs to the point of destination 

The price includes:

- Paperwork

- Vaccination

- Deworming

- Veterinary examination before shipment

- Neutering/Spaying (optional)

- Chip

- International Veterinary Passport

- Pedigree

- WCF registration (recognized by TICA)

   We ship our kittens only through an official broker or courier


Most of our kittens sold as pets have a show quality!

If you are NOT interested in breeding, buying a kitten as a pet is the best choice for you. You get a beautiful cat that will become your family member. Pet class kittens/cats must be neutered/spayed, which is a mandatory contract clause.  

The price of a pet includes shipment!


We are very selective when it comes to selling our kittens in a show/breed class!

If you are a breeder and have an officially registered Maine Coon cattery, we can offer you the most promising kittens for further breeding.

We are sure that any cattery will benefit from the bloodlines of our Maine coons!

The price of a pet includes shipment!

Kittens for breeding will be transferred to the new breeder's name.



Once in a while, we offer junior and adult cats for adoption.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get a high-quality Maine coon for a lower price.

The price of a pet includes shipment!


Request for Adoption

If you would like to be placed on our Waiting List, please fill out this form after communicating with a breeder or cattery representative and before making a deposit

Thanks for submitting!

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