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Our Handsome Kings

Here you can find a brief description of our breeding male cats, their pictures, and genetic test results.
We ensure the good health of our kittens by testing every breeding cat for hereditary diseases.

Elite Planet Dorian


color:  d 22 

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

Dorian is the young star of our cattery.
He collected the best features of his parents and grandparents. Looking at him takes your breath away, he is magnificent! A real lion! He is big, with large bones and a huge muzzle, super long ears, gorgeous tassels, a long body, big paws, and a super long tail.

Elite Planet Forsazh

color: n 22 09

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

This guy won our hearts with his beauty and super character.

He is huge, with a big muzzle, and super long ears, He is a grandson of our legendary cat -Elite Planet World Star.


Elite Planet
World Star


color:  d 24

HCM n/n , SMA n/n

This cat is a legend!
He holds the WCF Championship title.

Many of his children take part in the breeding work of our cattery. Also, his children and grandchildren live in 43 countries around the world. Many of them successfully participate in shows and breeding work in the world's leading catteries. They all have super charisma, high breed characteristics, and super temperament.

Elite Planet
Best of the Best


color:  n 24

HCM n/n , SMA n/n

This incredibly beautiful cat is a son of our legendary World Star, one of the best kittens from our Queen Hannah.
His pedigree is one of the best bloodlines in Europe. He gives star kittens for the breeding work of our cattery and other catteries all over the world.

He has enormous size, a long body, high legs, and a very long tail. Perfect head with an impressive muzzle, curved profile, and beautiful super long ears.

And of course, our brand feature, the wild look.

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