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Our Beautiful Queens

Here you can find a brief description of our breeding female cats, their pictures, and genetic test results.
We ensure the good health of our kittens by testing every breeding cat for hereditary diseases.

Elite Planet

color: ns 22

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

Nara is a very beautiful and graceful cat

Her pedigree has the bloodlines of the best catteries in Europe.

Nara is a very big girl with outstanding breed characteristics plus a wild look, charisma, and a very high-quality silver coat. She passes all these characteristics to her children and grandchildren. We always look forward to the birth of her babies.


Elite Planet


color: f24

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

This super beautiful girl is well known to most Maine Coon breeders around the world.


Many breeders, us included, see her as the embodiment of beauty, greatness, and perfect breed characteristics, in other words, 
an ideal female Maine coon!

Caroline is a result of our long systematic work which after many years was rewarded with such perfection.

Elite Planet Xenia

color:  n 25

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

Ksenia is a cat of extraordinary beauty, with a ticked color pattern that contributes to her unique and stunning appearance.
She has a super big muzzle, very long ears and a luxurios coat. She always looks like a big lioness!.


Elite Planet Sakura


color : d

HCM n/n, SMA n/n

Sakura is a perfectly balanced cat!

She has exceptional head proportions. Her broad, large muzzle has a very nice shape. Her long ears with super tassels are perfectly set. Her kittens are always charismatic, big in size, and super-spirited.  

Elite Planet Elektra


color:  f 

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

An extraordinary girl with a unique solid tortoiseshell color pattern.

Her charisma and beauty enchant everyone who sees her. This cat embodies grace and greatness: very nice breed characteristics and super temperament.


Elite Planet Lolita


color: f 24 09

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

Lolita is another pride of our work! She has inherited all the best features from her parents.

She has an unusually beautiful color, high breed characteristics, big size, bright intellect, and good character. As the icing on the cake - incredibly bright green eyes!

Elite Planet Arizona


color:  d 24

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

Arizona is the young star of our nursery

 Daughter of gorgeous Lolita.

She is the bright result of many years of our work. She has a high pedigree, a super temperament, a unique royal look, and an exceptional coat.


Elite Planet


color:  f 2409

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

Odri carries the old, very famous
Polish and German blood but she is also
a new European type of Maine Coon.

She is a very interesting and charismatic girl. She has good size, excellent profile, extreme ears with super tassels, and a very sweet temperament, which she passes on to her kittens.

Elite Planet
Ultra Star

color: a22

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

This very bright little girl has captured our hearts from the very first moment she was born. It was immediately obvious that this was the future star of our cattery. She has the best of the Maine Coon breed and a super temperament. Very beautiful, with a rich blue marble color pattern, a wild look, and charisma.

She has the best of both her parents.


Elite Planet

color: f24

HCM n/n, SMA n/n, Pkdef n/n

A very bright tortoiseshell female cat with amazing pedigree characteristics.

Ursula has incredibly beautiful green eyes, irresistible charisma, and a fantastic personality. Her kittens are always very bright, with the perfect characteristics of the Maine coon breed. Many of them are still working in our cattery.

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